Increase viewings and sales with live tours

At the end of 2017 we were pleased to announce that we would be partnering with Redrow to help them use immersive live video to sell properties.

The property industry is telling us that using immersive live video will help them to sell properties and spaces. It’s no surprise then that we are speaking to several high-profile property businesses about partnering with them in 2018 and beyond.


There are several challenges facing home builders, serviced offices and estate agents in the modern era.

High traffic / low converting websites

They have high website traffic which doesn’t always convert to enquiries and bookings. People are very busy so tend to do significant amounts of research online without making contact about arranging a viewing and when the do, can often drop out of pre-arranged meetings.

Not convenient or efficient

Often customers don’t live close to the viewing location, and can’t make visits during work hours. Businesses also invest a lot of time into traveling to or arranging these appointments, and aren’t always busy meeting people during certain hours of the day when people are researching online.


Our Live Adviser solution enables the property industry to capitalise on website traffic, by giving them the technology to drive website enquires in real time to a sales person.

Interactive and customer centric

Customers click a button on the property businesses website, and are taken through to a Live Adviser using live video streaming with two-way audio and one-way video. This allows the customer to ask questions, interact with the sales person and see the property, all from the comfort and convenience of wherever they are.

Build one to one relationships

Sales people are given the opportunity to build a one to one relationship with the enquirer and tailor their approach based on the questions that they ask, and how they react to seeing the space or property.

Scheduled live video calls

Using the Scheduled Calls feature they can pre-arrange live video sales calls and book in follow up visits and calls.

Open house online viewings

Go Instore also gives you the ability to set up open house style viewings with multiple enquiries at the same time. Using the Live Broadcaster feature you can invite people to attend a mass viewing on your website, Facebook and You Tube simultaneously to increase viewings using only one sales person.

New interactivity means that people can ask questions on the tour and these viewings can also be recorded and used on your website after the live viewing.


  • Increases website enquires, viewings and sales
  • Shortens the customer journey
  • More efficient use of sales people’s time
  • Customers receive a more personalised experience

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30th January 2018