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Bringing the flagship luxury experience to you- wherever you are. Welcome to Axel Arigato’s world.


Axel Arigato launched with one main objective - to embrace the now and always look for the tomorrow. Founders Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson question the footwear - why
and how you make things. By giving seasonal collections and traditional sales channels a miss- Axel Arigato engage with customers directly.

Axel Arigato was launched in 2014 with a disruptive agenda, and they’ve done just that.

Axel Arigato is a contemporary global sneaker brand, injected with cultural references from music to art, architecture and society. All of which illustrate the kind of world Axel Arigato wants to project.

Axel Arigato are industry leaders and create retail experiences, not just transactions.

“Our new shop opened in 2016 and, right away, we knew we had to differentiate the customer experience from other retail destinations. We explored different ways to engage with customers, such as hosting live events, holding art exhibitions in the store and now connecting virtually by using Go Instore’s pioneering technology to help set us apart as an innovative retail destination. This is the just the start; we are also looking forward to promoting our brand internationally through the partnership with Go Instore from our debut UK customer base.”

Axel Arigato

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