How wearable technology is being used by retailers to innovate

Bryan our VP of Product was recently interviewed by ABI Research in a report on Staff Wearables: Closing the Retail IoT loop. In the retail analysis piece ABI Research looked at how wearable retail technology is being used by retailers within the retail market.

The report discusses how retailers are using innovative retail tech to arm store staff with wearable devices like smart glasses and watches. They advise that growth of this area in the enterprise retail space will be much quicker than in the consumer market with ABI Research forecasting with a CAGR of 30.9% compared to 13.7% for the consumer. ABI Research also highlight the need for retailers at a time when online is becoming stronger, to continue to encourage footfall into stores. The overheads of stores mean that retailers are turning more to technologies like Go Instore’s immersive live video to improve retail omnichannel customer experience and staff productivity.

Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst, ABI Research said; “As online retailers are gaining in strength, the remaining physical stores are searching for ways to encourage customers to return and shop with them. Wearable devices provide shop staff with the ability to look up stock-level information, request help from colleagues, and upsell other products, which helps to assure that the customer’s needs are met.”

Our technology which can used in conjunction with smart glasses by sales assistants instore, is featured as it allows staff to truly connect with online customers for the first time using live video streaming. The benefits to online customers are convenience and the improved customer experience that having a personal one to one interaction has.

At Go Instore we see that when retailers choose to partner with us customers online conversion rates increase, as does average order values (AOV) and they are happy to spend more time on the website. This is because people still like to buy from people and they value the store’s assistants experience and expertise in helping them to make purchase decisions.

If you are interested in how we help innovative brands from retail and other sectors use experiential live video streaming to improve the customer experience and increase conversions, AOV and dwell time do please get in touch for a chat on +44 (0)20 377 37545 or contact us now.

Read more about the ABI Research retail innovation report and Go Instore’s featured innovative retail store technology.

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