We believe that online experiences should be as good as in-store, or better!

Our Story

Where it all began.

Founded by two retail technology veterans in 2014, who anticipated the rise in live video across all aspect of life.

Go Instore has powered live video-retail experiences to hundreds and thousands of customers around the globe and empowered retail staff to work from (quite literally) anywhere.

Aman Khurana


André Hordagoda

CEO & Co Founder

Our story

Where we are now.

We transform cultural chaos and uncertainty into happy and safe working environments for staff, whilst providing the instore experience for customers (and winning some awards whilst we are at it).

Numerous Departments of International Trade have recognised Go Instore as a solution for retail in the current crisis we find ourselves in, and we are working with retailers across the globe to evolve their retail stores and the roles of millions of retail employees.

Transforming the customer experience in the 'new retail era'.