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9 Aug

Video-Powered Retail with Go Instore


Seamlessly connecting online customers with store experts through video for an unbeatable customer experience and sales uplift. 

Retail has changed and technologies have advanced.  Typically, in-store shopping results in a relatively high conversion rate. Approximately 20% of people who walk into a store will buy something. There’s a high average order value, high touch experience and the chance to talk to a real live store colleague, however there is relatively low traffic. Footfall in the online world tends to have lower conversations rates in the 1-2% range. With vast web traffic and low average order values and low customer loyalty this is where Go Instore comes in with live video shopping that closes the online, in store gap.  

Having live video is only one half of the solution, the other half is the data and analytics behind it. Getting your live video right is key but the difficult bit is operationalizing, optimizing and growing the solution; at Go Instore we track all the data and use this to enhance your customer’s online experience. We also capture customer feedback and see a 94% customer satisfaction rating – this speaks to customer loyalty and stickiness of the solution.  

The Go Instore Ecosystem covers inspiring and engaging your customers with our ShopStream solution. This One-to-Many live video allows you to reach an unlimited audience from your site, or your socials. From here your customers add products to their basket or move to a more personal one-to-one call where you’ll see your conversion rates increase to between 25-50%, a far cry from e-commerce’s usual conversion rates of 1-2%. 


Take a look at some of the top insights published on Go Instore: 

Comment from M&S – Raconteur – May 2021 

Video powered retail, in partnership with Go Instore, allows us to bring the expertise of our colleagues in stores straight to our customers at home, offering convenience and flexibility alongside the service customers expect from M&S. The innovation is part of our Never the Same Again transformation programme to build a shopping experience that’s fit for the future and one that enables customers to shop the way that they want.   

Silicon UK – Q&A with Aman – February 2021 

Adding that human element to an online platform can help further drive sales and those brands who have already adopted video powered retail are quickly reaping the benefits. In fact, 600,000 customers have used Currys PC World’s ShopLive service since it launched last June as it continues to provide an exceptional experience to online customers.   

Metro – Comment from Andre February 2021 

Retailers should repurpose empty shop fronts into Darkstores – hubs used purely for fulfilling online orders and offering live shopping services. By combining video powered retail with the Darkstore concept, brands can recreate the personalised, in-store experience by connecting product experts with consumers from home. 

Internet Retailing- Comment from Andre – January 2021 

Many of our customers have integrated our live video powered retail platform into their digital strategies, to ensure that their customers can instantly connect with store experts and have access to a personalised shopping experience that has previously only been associated with a visit to the physical store. Customers are increasingly looking for more personalised experiences, with 80% of shoppers more likely to make a purchase from a retailer that offers a personalised service.   

Authority Magazine – Q&A with Aman- November 2020 

Video powered retail has also come to the forefront as brands understand this is a great way to connect to customers while they are perhaps unable or unwilling to visit stores.  At the end of the day, people buy from people so having human connection on online channels are going to be vital to survive in this new retail landscape. 

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