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9 Sep

How Two Way Video is Changing the Beauty Buying Game 


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The beauty industry is nothing if not dynamic… 

From 4,000BC, when ancient Egyptians lined their eyes with Kohl, to the roaring 20s, World War Two, and the modern era of cosmetics, the beauty industry has adjusted time and time again. Following the breakout of the COVID19 pandemic, this adjustment was tested to the limit. Stores closed and we ditched the lipstick in favour of masks and splurged on hand sanitisers over hand creams. Morale was low, mask-ne was high, and more than ever, we craved the feel-good factor.  

But how to shop for our favourite cosmetics, when so much of the time our purchases are sensory-driven? How does one find the perfect shade through a laptop screen? Or receive the right advice from someone actually trained to help you look your best?  

Well, all is not lost. Thank goodness for technology. In honour of National Beauty Week, and the tentative unveiling of our masks, let’s take a look at how Go Instore has helped change the beauty-buying world. 

Live Video Shopping 

Live Video Shopping has accelerated significantly in the last year due to the pandemic. Store closures led to the craving of humanized assistance in a time where we were more isolated than ever. At Go Instore, we work with some of the world’s biggest retailers to implement HD-video technology that directly connects customers to in-store specialists. Customers can receive advice, test out products and ask an *actual human* all the questions they want.  

For the beauty industry, live selling has been a massive part of keeping sales afloat and jobs secure. Our latest feature is only going to enhance this.

Introducing 2 Way Video… 

Feature Announcement! 

It’s widely accepted that over 70% of all communication is non-verbal, and we all know that people buy from people.

This is why we’ve developed a two-way-video feature, giving your customers the opportunity to share their camera, and take their one-to-one video shopping to the next level.

We soft-launched our Two-Way Video feature at the beginning of July, to allow customers and advisors to have virtual face-to-face interactions. Two-Way Video means customers can build an effective trusted relationship with an in-store advisor. Customers are supported throughout their buying journey, leading to high conversion rates and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Two Way Video, especially in the lead up to Christmas, will be massive for the beauty industry. Beauty specialists can give their customers live advice on shades, texture and offer professional opinions that lessen the chance of returns and increase buyer trust in the company. 

As well as beauty, there are many other areas of retail that can take advantage of two-way video. Perhaps your customer needs advice on what clothing style may work for them, or (in cases of furniture and home design), what may suit and fit in their visual surroundings. Jewelry retailers may utilise two-way video to measure things like ring sizes, or colour matches.

We can’t wait to start rolling this feature out with our partners.  

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about our features, why not catch up with some of our on-demand webinars? Or take us for a test drive, and book a demo? 

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