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19 Aug

Top Tips to Engage your Customers with Video Retail


If you missed our first Top Tips webinar- don’t worry, we’re back! This time, we’re here to tell you all about how you can maximise engagement, harvest data and effectively train staff. And who better to discuss this than our very own in-house experts?

Our August panel included Roger Sowerbutts, Global VP of Sales & Marketing, Inshal Javaid, our Implementation Manager, Ben Lees, our Business Analyst, Brian Cassidy, Head of Optimisation and James Tansey, Go Instore’s video whiz and Product Trainer.  

Though the full webinar was filled with fantastic insight, there are a few important learning points that we couldn’t not write about… 

So, what did we learn? 

1) Happy customers are nothing without happy staff. We value that staff members must be confident and well-trained to deliver an optimum service, and that’s why we spend meticulous time training in-store specialists, getting to know them and learning of any product specialisms they may have. Once we have this information, we can match them accordingly to customers. 

2) Keep the journey smooth by easily transferring calls. Despite having routing specialisms set up, if the customer decides they’d like to enquire about a product in a different department, our in-store experts can transfer them directly to the relevant advisor. This lessens the friction of the customer’s journey and also cuts back those pesky wait times. 

3) If the in-store specialists are underperforming, we’re here to help. We use our data to retrospectively look at underperforming categories and staff members, and in such cases, ensure that we’re on hand to remedy this. We commit to refresh sessions- or in cases of new staff members, we offer training from scratch and 1:1 sessions to guarantee the advisor’s self-assurance.

4)  Customer ratings help us improve every time. At Go Instore, we value the feedback we’re given and appreciate the importance it holds in building a seamless customer experience. We use Key Performance Indicators (such as questionnaires) to gather as much information as we can- a fantastic 50% of customers who use our service leave comments,  helping us build on feedback (good or bad!) to be better for next time.

5) Engage customers with personalised CTAs. Site presence is super important, and that’s why Go Instore provides personalized Call to Actions based on where the user is browsing. 

Catch up with the full webinar here. 

Our next Top Tips webinar goes live soon; we’ll be discussing sales maximisation and success for Black Friday (yes, it really is almost that time already…).

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