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20 Aug



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This summer, the world stood by shocked as we watched flash floods devastate parts of Germany and Belgium. In Greece, images and videos circulated of Hadean-esque wildfires tearing villages apart, described as ‘the greatest ecological catastrophe of the last few decades’  by the Greek Prime Minister.

It is clear that climate change is a real and pressing problem; and now more than ever, it is time to prioritise sustainability.  

We understand that the industry we find ourselves in is one that has both played a part in perpetuating climate change and absorbing the harm of it. We recognise that corporations must lead by example- and whilst there is no overnight cure, there are certainly ways we can try and lessen the damage. As a company, we’re proud to prioritise a sustainable approach in our procedures.  

Just in case you aren’t familiar with us by now, we’ll give an introduction. Go Instore provides customers with the in-store retail experience from the comfort of the customer’s home. We utilise HD technology to give customers an immersive shopping experience that they don’t have to leave the sofa for, with live in-store specialists demonstrating products and answering questions along the way.

It’s important to recognise here the role that video-powered technology can play in helping the retail industry become more sustainable. One example of this is lessening the amount of carbon emissions from transport (such as cars) that customers utilise to shop in-store. Consumers often travel considerable distances just to go shopping, or choose to drive in situations where the destination is in walking distance. Video-powered retail helps reduce the consumers carbon footprint, as well as saving them valuable shopping time (when considering the door-to-door journey!). 

Equally, Go Instore helps lessen the environmental cost of over-purchasing. A whopping 30% of customers are guilty of this; deliberating buying more items than needed only to return them the following day. We work with teams of in-store experts to give customers all of the necessary information, as well as visual product demonstrations. This reduces the both the customers need to over-order and the overall cost of returning unwanted products.  

We’re also proud to work with some of the leading brands at the forefront of the sustainability agenda. One example is our partnership with Natural Baby Shower, the leading eco-friendly and ethical baby brand retailer. You can listen to our recent webinar with them here, where we discuss Go Instore’s impact on maintaining their eco-conscious brand.

On the climate crisis, our co-CEO Andre Hordagoda wrote in NetImperative “The future of retail will have a heightened focus on sustainability. Brands must focus on making their processes more sustainable”.

Check out Andre’s full column here.

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