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20 Jan

Ribble joins Go Instore for the second installment of the ‘Think Retail’ webinar series


Join us for an exciting discussion on how retailers are bringing the showroom to customers’ living rooms and how they have adapted to support the bicycle boom of 2020 remotely.  


Think Retail with Go Instore looks to industry leaders to explore all things digital and retail.


As people were forced to spend more time in their homes in 2020, exercise and the outdoors became a welcomed escape and means of safe transportation for many. Old bikes were dusted off around the world, the sales of new bikes surged, and those trusty commuter bikes were taken for a (literal) spin on new adventures.

With lockdown measures and social distancing firmly in place, bike retailers suddenly became an essential service in 2020. How did an industry that is based so heavily on physical interaction, testing and (touch) adapt to purely digital operation? With bicycle sales increasing 63% throughout lockdown, the cycling industry were forced to adapt to new challenges to serve their customers.

How can retailers bring the showroom experience to people’s living rooms, and maintain the renowned sense of community without any physical interaction?


Matthew Lawson – Chief Digital Officer at Ribble Cycles. 

Jamie Burrow: Ex Pro Tour rider and former U23 World No1, now Head of Product at Ribble Cycles.

Roger Sowerbutts: Global Vice President Sales & Marketing at Go Instore. 


See you on the 28th 

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