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13 Nov

RETHINK Retail Welcomes Go Instore Co-CEO Aman Khurana to the Retail Rundown Podcast


Last week our Co-Founder, Aman Khurana, participated in the Retail Rundown podcast, hosted by Julia Raymond from the leading US retail magazine ‘RETHINK Retail’. 

Aman was joined by Richard Kestenbaum, Co-founder of Triangle Capital LLC and Forbes Contributing Writer. Together, Aman and Richard discussed trending topics in the retail sphere, ranging from Amazon Luxury shopping, fashion houses on TikTok and the innovation-driven micro-fulfilment centres popping up across the globe. 

A recurring theme throughout the conversation was the subject of human connection in the digital customer experience. The predicament of the pandemic has shifted consumers’ shopping patterns. People are shopping online more than ever, in order to forego the risks still associated with a trip to a physical store. However, what is often lacking from eCommerce platforms is a human element to mediate risk and enhance the online shopping experience. 

This notion is especially relevant when discussing luxury purchases in the online world. Typically, consumers rely on the advice given from a luxury brand advisor and enjoy the exclusive feel of a luxury store. As Amazon expands in selling luxury fashion, it is essential that they consider bringing in a human element into their digital experience. This will surely instill trust in the transaction and help consumers dissociate Amazon from being the platform where solely convenience-driven purchases are made.

For even more expert insight into retail trending topics, tune into the Retail Rundown podcast via the link below.

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