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11 Aug

Natural Baby Shower Webinar: Five Key Take-Aways


The 29th of July saw our in-house experts kick off the 4th instalment in our ‘Think Retail’ webinars.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Natural Baby Shower: the leading retailer for eco, ethical and premium baby brands. Our panel was headed by Store Manager Esma Tirla, Operations Manager Cameo Cottrell and Roger Sowerbutts, our VP of Sales and Marketing. 

If you missed us, don’t worry! Here are our top take-aways from the Webinar… 

Implementation is effortless, and the advisors love it. Go Instore’s trusty tech team ensure the implementation process is quick, thorough and smooth. Our training sessions with in-store advisors keeps them confident- and with a 37% conversion rate for our team at Natural Baby Shower, we know they’re doing a great job!

No Footfall, No Problem. With our technology, we give retailers the best of both worlds. Natural Baby Shower noted that 95% of their revenue was driven through eCommerce; but by channelling online traffic to physical stores, Go Instore kept in-store advisors busy and online customers receiving humanized assistance.

Brand Awareness is Better than Ever. As a well-known online retailer, Natural Baby Shower found that many customers were surprised that they had physical stores! Store Manager Esma Tirla remarked that since implementing Go Instore, awareness of physical stores had led to increased footfall. 

“Retail stopped exciting us for a while”

2-Way-Video Slashes Costs. Our 2-Way-Video Feature allows customers to receive product guidance from the comfort of their homes. Before Go Instore, retailers often faced expenditure on retrieving reported ‘faulty products’ that just needed to be properly set up. With 2-Way-Video, in-store specialists can ensure products are functioning just how they should be, regardless of location.

If You’re Happy and You Know it, Leave A Review! A standout theme for Natural Baby Shower is the number of positive reviews they have received since implementing Go Instore- holding a fantastic 4.8 rating on TrustPilot. 

Check out the full webinar here!

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