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22 Jan

Levelling up your virtual experiences with Go Instore, Appointedd and Mamas and Papas


Are you a retailer weathering 2021, wondering how to level up your virtual experiences? Look no further.

January 26, 4pm:

Retail Technology leaders Go Instore and Appointedd will be joined by Mamas and Papas Retail Director, Marcus Appleton to discuss how the two technologies have helped the brand pivot from physical in-store experiences and events to a 100% virtual operation.

The panel will discuss how retailers have innovated in light of the pandemic, and the strategies they have put in place to enhance in-store revenue and deliver personalized customer experiences to their clients’ customers.

The panelists:
Roger Sowerbutts: VP Global Sales and Marketing – Go Instore
Leah Hutcheon: CEO – Appointedd
Marcus Appleton: Retail Director – Mamas and Papas

Full event description and registration link HERE.

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