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30 Jul

Top Tips to Implement Live Video Retail


If 2020 was the year of change, 2021 is the year of adaptation…  

2020 saw the COVID19 pandemic grind our day-to-day lives to a halt, resulting in mass adjustment as we started to navigate the new normal. In the wake of store-closures, online shopping became standard practise; global e-commerce sales rose to $26.6 trillion, making up 19% of total retail sales in 2020, and in periodic restriction-easing times, omnichannel retailers saw extraordinary growth. 

The present and future of retail has changed. Go Instore is at the forefront of this, fusing the online and in-store experience together through state-of-the-art video technology. Go Instore combines HD live video and teams of knowledgeable staff to deliver an immersive experience to consumers from the comfort of their homes.  

 On the 22nd of July, our in-house experts got together to kick off the first webinar of our ‘Top Tips’ series. The panel included Roger Sowerbutts, our Global VP of Sales & Marketing, Inshal Javaid, our Implementation Manager, Ben Lees, Business Analyst, and Brian Cassidy, Head of Optimisation.

 So, what did we learn?  

  •  More than ever, consumers want the humanized experience.   
  • Availability is key. By offering appointment services, we retain customers even in our offline hours.   
  • Using our Test and Learn service with advisors familiarises them with the process before they go live. This increases advisor confidence and keeps the customer journey as natural as possible.  
  • Customer satisfaction scores are proof of success. Using this data is key to ensure your consumers are happy with the service – and with a 94% satisfaction rate, we think we’re doing pretty good!  
  • The Go Instore user experience is optimum. Our team of experts ensure smooth network running by a vigorous testing process and network evaluation, such as conducting on-site calls and identifying black spots.  
  • We have specialisms by language, location and product. We use category routing to route consumers directly to an in-store specialist in the right department.  
  • We are the future! With Go Instore, customers can reach up to 50% conversion rates, basket-size growth of up to 38% and an average of 94% customer satisfaction rating. We are pioneering with some of the biggest retail names in the industry and are growing more and more each week. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen in full here: Top Tips Webinar



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