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2 Sep



We were lucky enough to be joined by jewellery royalty Pandora, as part of our Think Retail webinar series. Representing Pandora on the panel was Ian Russell, Digital Development Director, alongside Go Instore’s very own VP of Sales and Marketing, Roger Sowerbutts.  

The main theme of the webinar was around the acceleration of digital shopping and retail habits during the pandemic, and how Pandora adapted as a result. Though you can access the full webinar below, here are a few of our top insights… 

Pandemic habits are here to stay. Post COVID anxiety as well as convenience-based reasoning has meant many now find online shopping their personal preference. 

Long gone are the days of dreaded queue times and bidding for the attention of the staff member! With Go Instore, consumers are given all the benefits of the in-store experience, without having to physically visit a retailer.

Go Instore gives the humanised experience to inspirational purchases. Ian remarked on how important it was previously for customers to be able to see and visualise jewellery purchases before they made the spend- with Go Instore, we ensure the digital experience is as immersive as it possibly could be, with HD technology and live product demonstrations.

Assess the peaks and troughs like never before. Before Go Instore, there was no metric for time spent with customers, the number of customers served, or customer satisfaction. Ian and Roger discussed how Pandora is able to effectively collate this data and use it to improve their services.


Don’t just take our word for it- catch up with the full webinar here

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