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23 Nov

DECODE RETAIL Welcomes Go Instore Co-CEO Andre Hordagoda in the ‘New Beauty and Fashion Platforms Tools’ Webinar


“The best conversion rate that retailers are going to get on their website is by introducing live video to support the shopping journey” – Andre Hordagoda.

Our Co-CEO, Andre Hordagoda, featured as a lead panelist in the latest DECODE Retail Webinar hosted by Frenchweb.Fr, in partnership with FAB Ventures Co-Creation Studio. The panel featured retail industry entrepreneurs who are revolutionising and shaping the future of retail. 

Kaeya Munjamar, is the CEO of the SwayPay app, that allows customers to use social media posts as currency, in online stores, and Quentin Lebeau, CEO of Toky Woky, a community-building platform designed to enhance consumer loyalty, joined Andre on the panel. 

Together, Andre, Kaeya and Quentin discussed how their platforms and technology are solving critical retail business challenges, and how all of their business models are geared to thrive despite the impact of COVID-19 upon the retail sector.

Webinar attendees raised important questions for Go Instore, such as “how do you differentiate from your competitors?”. “We are experiential and a video-first technology provider with no initial text-chat involved. With a click of a button – you’re in the store!”, affirmed Andre.

Stay tuned for more news about Go Instore webinars very soon!

Go Instore Team

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