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3 Sep

CNBC invites Go Instore to discuss the future of retail


Our CEO and Co-Founder, André Hordagoda, recently spoke to CNBC to discuss the future of retail and how Go Instore is supporting global brands in the new retail landscape.

It is no secret that the pandemic has drastically impacted consumer behaviour. Amid lockdowns and social distancing, the pandemic hasn’t just changed the kind of products consumers want, it has also shifted the way in which they search and ultimately, buy. 

To uncover how the most innovative companies in retail technology are helping consumers and brands safely bridge the gap between the online and offline world, CNBC reporter, Silvia Amaro, talks to Go Instore. In the report, Silvia investigates how Go Instore successfully humanises the digital customer experience to the delight of consumers across the globe. Go Instore’s unique business model connects customers with the perfect in-store expert via live video, immersing customers into the physical store, from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

“We are still utilising the stores and the store staff, they are just being utilised digitally.” Says Go Instore CEO and Co-Founder, Andre Hordagoda. 

To experience Go Instore in action, CNBC’s Silvia Amaro connects with an in-store Samsung expert, to guide her through the purchase of a new phone.

Find the full report on CNBC: 

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