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25 Aug

TOP TIPS for BLACK FRIDAY with video retail


The third instalment in our ‘Top Tips’ series is a special one. We have been discussing the long-awaited Black Friday. 

Our in-house experts are back and clued up with fresh knowledge. This time, we have been sharing tips on:

  • How to maximise sales during the seasonal period. 
  • How to utilise data to provide the necessary insight to deal with surging calls (Go Instore received a massive 500 calls every 7 minutes on Black Friday 2020!) 
  • How to best optimise your video-powered retail. 

Leading the panel will be Roger Sowerbutts: VP of Sales and Marketing, Ben Lees, our Business Data Analyst, and Katie Jameson, Go Instore’s Head of Marketing,

All of our Top Tips webinars include real-life customer success stories. We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been up to! And if you missed our other Top Tips webinars, don’t worry- there’s still time to catch up.                                             

Check out Top Tips 1 here, and Top Tips 2 here.

Listen to the recording here. 

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