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20 Oct



On the 5th of October, our in-house experts got together with Appointedd, the UK’s leading online booking software service. Go Instore and Appointedd have worked together for over 3 years. Together, Go Instore and Appointedd offer a scheduling solution for the world’s leading brands, aiding in delivering a seamless customer experience. Our panel was made up of Katie Jameson, global Head of Marketing at Go Instore and Louise Phillips, partnership manager at Appointedd. 

Though the full webinar is definitely not one to be missed (and is linked below if you had the misfortune of doing so!), we condensed our top take-aways below…

Better Together: Go Instore’s partnership with Appointedd allows us to offer a state-of-the-art service that takes into account the structural nature of everyday life. Whether you’re doing a smaller group video session, large group live-streaming, or one-to-one, your sales funnel is supported by appointments from start to finish. 

Drive Average Order Value: Appointedd reduces no-shows by a whopping 67%! AOV is also increased. When customers take the time to pre-book, they’re likelier to be more interested in a product and have given more thought into their buying journey. Through partnering with Go Instore’s solution, Appointedd can help in-store specialists up-sell products knowing their customers have taken the time out of their day to be there, and aren’t just browsing.

Data-Driven Planning: Through our Appointedd partnership, Go Instore ensures we have smooth running on the ground. We can take into account where specialist staff members are needed at specific times and act on this to keep the customer experience smooth. This is especially important in peak selling times and in the run up to the holiday season!

Deploy Solutions in a Changing Environment: Though this year has been nothing but predictable, Go Instore and Appointedd have acclimatized to changing environments to keep themselves prepared for anything. Even in cases of future lockdowns, our partnership means we’ll be able to operate business-as-usual, and continue delivering the ultimate omni-channel experience. 

If you missed us, don’t worry!  Catch up with the full webinar here. 

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