Ever had that moment where you’ve found a product online, read the reviews, looked at the pictures and watched the videos, but you still think to yourself “I really need to be there, see it for myself and discuss it with an expert”?
This is a relatively new problem, thanks to the internet. When you just want to buy something, shopping online is fantastic. However, when you need advice or reassurance it can be a real let down. You have two options: risk a bad buy, or take a trip to your nearest store.
Looking back, retail has always been about four things; price, choice, distance and service. If you were willing to travel further, you could find more choice and a lower price, always with human sales advice.
Enter: the modern high street. Chains of stores popping up across the country to bring you greater choice closer to home with helpful knowledgeable assistants. However, all those stores, stock and staff added cost which became very apparent when online disrupted retail as we knew it. Now we are lamenting the death of the high street, despite getting what we wanted: a better price. Retailers that recognised this too late are now paying the ultimate price.
In the end, it’s just like every other innovative transformation. Take the music industry, most of us now love streaming our favourite albums and shudder when thinking of glove compartments and bookshelves chock full of dusty albums. So, when the transformation of the high street is over, I’m sure we’ll all love our new evolved high streets with shopping experiences rather than endless aisles of products.
Enter: the next evolution in reducing the distance between you and the store, Retaileportation. At Go Instore we are bringing the best of in-store and online experiences together by connecting online customers with in-store experts on a live video call directly through retailers’ websites. This is just the beginning of a journey which will deliver a game-changing experience for buyers and sellers with data and AR innovations, and see the birth of dark stores designed to service and delight shoppers 24 hours a day. 
For retailers, Go Instore re-imagines the use of their existing stores and frees up the high street for experience-led formats. For consumers, shopping online just got real. Go Instore has lifted the limits on shopping experiences; shop any store, anywhere in the world, as if you are there. 
14th May 2019