Go Instore selected as a Retail Technology Gamechanger finalist at the World Retail Awards

World Retail Awards - World Retail Congress 2018 Go Instore Finalist The Retail Technology Gamechanger

As a creator of immersive live video technology that brings real world instore experiences (people, location, products) to online retail customers, we’ve been named as a finalist for the World Retail Awards.

Our live video technology innovation, which enables retailers to provide a personalised, first-person shopping experience for their website customers, has been recognised in the category: “The Retail Technology Gamechanger”.

This is a new award category for the World Retail Awards and will recognise the technology start-ups that are inventing new solutions for the retail industry. It will also award those who are developing a new approach to an existing retail process that helps retail businesses and ultimately, creates a better experience for customers and employees.

Go Instore’s immersive live video solution uses one-way video and two-way audio. Customers simply click a button on a retailer’s website and are then taken, via live video, into the store or demo location, from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.

Sales assistants, who essentially become ‘live advisors’ replicate the instore experience for online customers by using the Go Instore app on smart phones and Bluetooth headsets, or smart glasses, to demonstrate the store’s products and features and answer customers’ questions, all in real-time. Retailers using Go Instore’s immersive live video technology such as Dyson and Axel Arigato have seen significant uplifts in online conversion rates, dwell time and average order values (AOV).

Retailers can also implement Go Instore’s Live Broadcaster solution to effectively turn their websites into shopping channels, via live video across their website, Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. Record and playback features also help retailers to reuse video content across different product and category pages to improve online conversion rates.

André Hordagoda our Co-founder said: “We are excited to be selected as a finalist in this new award category – Retail Technology Gamechanger – at the World Retail Awards. We are committed to helping our global retail partners better serve their online customers by providing a true instore experience using immersive live video.  We congratulate the other award finalists and look forward to being amongst the ‘best of the best’ in retail technology at this year’s event.”

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