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Our service is built around the cutting edge GoInStore Assignation Engine.

GoInStore believes that there are different levels of value to be gained from connection; the more targeted the connection between a visitor and an assistant, the greater the potential for success.

Our unique Assignation Engine has insight in your website visitor’s behaviour and your representative’s profile and performance history. In addition it can also be integrated in any ERP system and take in account current levels of stock in individual branches.

The GoInStore Assignation Engine uses these data streams to ensure that any website visitor is connected to the representative who is best placed to serve your customer for their individual behaviour, product and geographical consideration.

This means that a person can be connected to an assistant where the product is in stock, it is within a geographical region, the assistant has a high performance margin for the product type or brand or even where the assistant is able to upsell or cross sell for the behavioural type in question based on their historical performance and customer satisfaction ratings.

Our engine can be fine tuned to increase or decrease emphasis on any available data to generate the best possible outcome for you.

GoInStore enables your online visitors to create a live streaming session with one click of a button. We utilise a high performance video and audio transfer network with industry leading connection SLA’s where the video stream is tailored to a visitor’s bandwidth and audio is cleverly compressed to ensure maximum clarity of voice.

Our video is a one way connection where the visitor can see through the assistant’s camera but the assistant can not see the visitor. This is so the visitor can feel secure and comfortable when going in-store.

Our audio connection is two way and enables a real time conversation between the website visitor and the assistant. This is where the assistant is able to utilise their product knowledge and personal service skills to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

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GoInStore knows that not all online visitors have access to a microphone when browsing the web. Also, many people are unable to communicate through voice for a variety of reasons.

Because of this GoInStore gives website visitors the opportunity to communicate with the assistant through an instant messaging interface. This interface is a familiar aspect of online communications and encourages people to use the service by offering multiple methods of communication to support the in-store experience provided by the live streaming.

The instant messaging interface can be used concurrently with the voice aspect of the video stream according to people’s requirements.

GoInStore provides an in-store  assistant innovative tools to help a website browser discover products on your website and directly affect their shopping carts as they talk to them.

using our assisted browsing functionalities an assistant can scan barcodes to add items to basket or direct people to specific URL’s. These tools allow the assistant to guid an individual around the website as they go through the store introducing relevant products to the individual’s enquiry or tastes.

Effectively you can have the in-store assistant achieve the equivalent of walking through a store with a shopper while holding and filling their basket for them.

GoInStore has invested a considerable amount of effort in ensuring that it’s technology is fully compatible with leading smart glass technologies. Smart glasses provide an assistant full flexibility to manoeuvre in and around your products while having no restrictions on their movement. This creates a true in store experience for the online visitor!

We are approved partners for a number of technologies and are able to demonstrate this technology at your convenience.

In addition, there is significant interest in the media for wearable technology implementations and GoInStore will help you generate and maximise press exposure.

Android is a fantastically versatile platform and offers a host of choices regarding camera enabled devices. GoInStore provides support for Android devices so you can choose to use smartphones or tablets to enable the unique GoInStore experience for your online visitors and assistants.

Currently smartphones provide better quality cameras than any wearable device on the market and offer more choice to you.

We provide an application which gives you access to your GoInStore service together with all the insight and guided browsing features.

The benefits of Android based devices is that they can be deployed and scaled quickly and cost effectively.

It can even be utilised on your assistant’s personal devices if required.

GoInStore is all about creating valuable customer experiences by creating human to human connections. One of the key parts of creating good experiences is to tailor them to any given situation and individual.

Our Intelligent Interface will only display the GoInStore button when all the conditions have been met which you have specified. Any of the factors used by the assignation engine can be utilised in intelligently displaying the call to action on your pages.

This means that the button can be present on some pages but not on others depending on the availability of assistants and products according to your requirements. This is fully customisable and can even be overridden if you want to allow people to schedule sessions with your assistants when they are not available.

This will avoid the frustration that often comes from having to wait in queues or inefficiency that comes from establishing a low value connection.

GoInStore can present a survey after any call in which you can ask visitors to rate the experience they’ve just had. While you can specify any questions you like GoInStore can advise you on the most engaging and valuable questions according to your KPI’s for the service, site and your in-store advisers.

The results of these surveys are available to you through the GoInStore Insights Interface where you can draw data about individual assistants, stores and the impact on browsing sessions and conversions.

GoInStore is also able to integrate with existing customer feedback providers if people don’t provide feedback in session so that feedback can be collected even after people have completed a transaction. In addition, you can monitor the impact personal interactions have on people’s willingness to submit a product or service review.

GoInStore knows that data is only valuable if it can be used to create real value.

Our Insights Interface provides actionable data on the impact that individual assistants have on overall online conversions and other behaviours. Depending on the depth of our system integration we can report on the impact of GoInStore to a product level.

We utilise this data proactively to advise you on strategies which you can employ to further optimise the GoInStore experience for individuals and to maximise the return on investment that you can gain from continuous optimisation.

Our data expertise is second to none and we are always keen to utilise this expertise to create market leading customer experiences.

GoInStore will localise the user experience according to any local market requirements which you might have.

Localisation is a key consideration for retailers who are expanding their or already have an international presence.

We can localise the entire user experience flow from start to finish so that wherever your customers are they will have a clear user experience with assistants who will best be able to help them.

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